The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center, a key initiative under the We-Fi project of the World Bank and organized by BreakBite in collaboration with North South University, successfully conducted an online workshop on Product Handling and Brand Development on January 27, 2024. The workshop was led by Dr. Farzana Nahid, Associate Professor from the Marketing Department of North South University and Founder Director of NSU Startups Next, and attracted 30 enthusiastic women entrepreneurs.

Workshop Overview:

The three-hour intensive workshop focused on providing case-specific marketing and promotion-related solutions to participants. Dr. Farzana Nahid offered one-to-one tailored guidance, addressing various challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Key Recommendations:

  1. Enhancing Online Presence:
    • Dr. Nahid emphasized the importance of a strong online presence for business success. She provided actionable strategies for improving website functionality, leveraging social media platforms, and optimizing search engine visibility to attract and retain customers.
  2. Exploring Referral Marketing:
    • The workshop highlighted the benefits of referral marketing as a cost-effective way to increase customer acquisition and loyalty. Dr. Nahid discussed methods for implementing referral programs and incentivizing existing customers to refer new clients.
  3. Refining Product Presentation:
    • Dr. Nahid underscored the significance of product presentation in influencing customer perceptions and driving sales. She offered practical advice on improving packaging design, product photography, and overall branding to create a compelling visual identity.

Interactive and Personalized Guidance:

Participants were actively engaged throughout the session, benefiting from personalized advice tailored to their specific business needs. Dr. Nahid’s expert insights and practical solutions empowered the entrepreneurs to overcome their marketing challenges and enhance their brand development strategies.

Participant Feedback:

The participants expressed their appreciation for the comprehensive and practical advice provided by Dr. Farzana Nahid. They valued the opportunity to receive tailored guidance and engage in interactive discussions. The session was highly productive, offering practical solutions and empowering women entrepreneurs with the knowledge to improve their marketing and promotional efforts effectively.

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center continues to empower women by providing essential resources and insights through such interactive workshops. The center remains committed to supporting the growth and success of women-led SMEs by providing tailored support and expert guidance.