Successful Completion of 6th Physical Workshop on Mental Health at NSU Campus

Date: June 3, 2024
Location: North South University Campus

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center, a key component of the We-Fi project under the World Bank, successfully conducted its 6th physical workshop on Mental Health on June 3, 2024, at Audi 801, North South University Campus. Organized by BreakBite in collaboration with North South University, this workshop is part of our ongoing efforts to support and empower women entrepreneurs.

Trainers and Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr. Farzana Nahid, Assistant Professor, Dept of Marketing and International Business, NSU
  • Dr. Mahmuda Muhsina Bushra, Psychotherapist, City Hospital
  • Ms. Samira Rahman, Lecturer, Dept of Marketing and International Business, NSU

Session Moderator:

  • Tilka Farzana, Lecturer, Department of Marketing, NSU & Partner, Wed Window

Dr. Farzana Nahid, the keynote speaker, highlighted the significant benefits of mental health awareness. She shared real-life experiences from her work as a counselor, demonstrating its impact on both personal and professional lives. Dr. Nahid emphasized the importance of prioritizing self-care as an essential tool for helping our loved ones.

Dr. Mahmuda Muhsina Bushra, a psychotherapist and trainer consultant with over 20 years of counseling experience, focused on women’s well-being and the importance of stable mental health. She conducted a mini meditation session, teaching women about self-love and techniques to overcome guilt, fear, and negativity. In her question-and-answer session, she addressed various issues affecting women in society and family. Her guidance and insights are expected to enlighten women entrepreneurs, benefiting them and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Another panelist, Ms. Samira Rahman, mentioned that mental health is a state of well-being that enables people to cope with stress. As she explained, stress is not always harmful; moderate stress can enhance task completion and problem-solving by providing energy and a sense of urgency, thus improving focus. This type of positive stress, or eustress, fosters resilience and helps maintain balance through anticipation and excitement. She also discussed effective stress management strategies, such as maintaining a daily schedule with planning apps or calendars, to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and to improve overall well-being.

The workshop saw the active participation of 60 women entrepreneurs who shared their personal challenges and difficulties faced in their entrepreneurial journeys. Prominent figures such as Mr. Asif Ahnaf, CEO of BreakBite, Ms. Rakshanda Samin, Coordinator of WeFi project and Adnan Ahmed, CMO of BreakBite, were also present at the session, demonstrating their support for this vital initiative and engaging with the participants.

This workshop emphasized the importance of mental health and well-being for women entrepreneurs, equipping them with tools and techniques to manage stress and improve their overall mental health. The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center, as part of the We-Fi project, continues to dedicate itself to empowering women and creating a supportive community for their growth and success.