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From idea to exit, together. Our partnership with founders is a total commitment, blending our knowledge, understanding, dedicated resources, and investment to create standout businesses.

Starting a company

with BreakBite


Partner with us to explore exciting new opportunities — testing assumptions, validating solutions, and designing business models to start your company with the support of our team.


Go faster with us. We dedicate team resources to accelerate the time to product-market fit, leveraging design as a strategic differentiator across brand, product, and experiences.


Fuel to go further — from fundraising to acquisition, we combine financing with advising so you can scale your business.

Why Venture Studio?

Accelerating Startup Success with Comprehensive Support and Reduced Risk

By closely collaborating with entrepreneurs, venture studios foster innovation, streamline product development, and enhance market entry strategies, ensuring startups are well-positioned for long-term success.

Why BreakBite?

  • Personalized Strategic Business Consultation
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Support
  • Cutting-edge Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Innovative Product Development and Design
  • Access to Market and Investment Networks

We Give Founders a Fast Start

At BreakBite, we roll up our sleeves and hit the ground running with you to generate early momentum for you and your business.


  • Trade License
  • Company Registration
  • Trade Mark & IP
  • Tax & VAT
  • Business Consultation
  • SME Support
  • Authority Licensing
  • Bank Account Setup

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  • Brand Development
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Digital Engagement
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics & Content
  • Event Management
  • PR & Media

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  • Domain & Hosting
  • Cloud Services
  • e-Commerce
  • Invoicing
  • Tech Infrastructure
  • Digital Tools
  • Payment & Logistics Integration

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  • Pitch Deck
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Investor Matching
  • Investment Strategy
  • Due Diligence
  • Scaling Support
  • Post-Funding Advisory

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