Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Successful Mentorship Session on Business Legal Q&A by WSME Business Support Center

Date: February 6, 2024
Specialist: Mr. Shahriar Kabir, Legal Consultant, BreakBite E-Business Limited
Participants: 15

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center, a key initiative under the We-Fi project of the World Bank and organized by BreakBite, successfully conducted an informative mentorship session on Business Legal Q&A on February 6, 2024. The session featured esteemed legal consultant Mr. Shahriar Kabir from BreakBite E-Business Limited and saw active participation from 15 women entrepreneurs.

The webinar focused on addressing various legal challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, including issues related to trademarks, BSTI regulations, trade licenses, VAT, and other personal business legal matters. The session provided a platform for participants to raise their questions and gain expert advice on navigating the complex legal landscape of running a business.

Key Discussion Points and Participant Queries:

  1. Nasreen Sultana:
    • Query: Questions on TIN, BIN, IRC, and ERC.
    • Discussion: Mr. Kabir provided detailed explanations on these legal identifiers and their importance for business compliance.
  2. Afroza Khatun:
    • Query: Export AIT always comes with an extra amount and rebate facility during export is 20%. Issues related to agro products such as potatoes, cabbage, and pumpkins.
    • Discussion: Solutions were provided to manage export AIT and utilize the rebate facility effectively. Guidance on compliance for exporting agro products was also discussed.
  3. Afroza Naznin Shumi:
    • Query: Applied for a trademark two years ago and needs to update it.
    • Discussion: Mr. Kabir explained the process for updating trademarks and the necessary steps to ensure legal protection for her brand.
  4. Hasina Khanom:
    • Query: Need an appointment to resolve VAT issues.
    • Discussion: Mr. Kabir addressed her VAT concerns and recommended scheduling a follow-up appointment for a detailed resolution.

Participant Feedback: The participants expressed their appreciation for the comprehensive and practical advice provided by Mr. Shahriar Kabir. They valued the opportunity to engage directly with an experienced legal consultant and receive tailored guidance on their unique business challenges. The session was highly productive, offering practical solutions and empowering women entrepreneurs with the knowledge to navigate legal complexities effectively.

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center continues to empower women by providing essential resources and insights through such interactive sessions. The center remains committed to supporting the growth and success of women-led SMEs by providing tailored support and expert guidance.