Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Successful Mentorship Session on Digital Marketing by WSME Business Support Center

Date: February 20, 2024

  • Mr. Moshiur Rahman, CEO, Wow Digital
  • Mr. Shah Poran, CEO, Overlay Asia
    Participants: 17

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center, a key initiative under the We-Fi project of the World Bank and organized by BreakBite, successfully conducted an insightful mentorship session on Digital Marketing Q&A on February 20, 2024. The session featured esteemed specialists Mr. Moshiur Rahman, CEO of Wow Digital, and Mr. Shah Poran, CEO of Overlay Asia. The event saw active participation from 17 women entrepreneurs eager to enhance their digital marketing strategies.

The webinar focused on several critical aspects of digital marketing, including Facebook page boosting issues, marketplace sustainability strategies, and website design. The session provided a platform for participants to raise their questions and gain expert advice on various digital marketing challenges.

Key Discussion Points and Participant Queries:

  1. Najiba Wajiha Mahboob:
    • Business: Tourism
    • Query: How can I generate more customers for my tourism business?
    • Discussion: Strategies for enhancing online visibility and attracting more customers through targeted digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Nazma Rahman:
    • Query: Facebook boosting and traffic issues.
    • Discussion: Effective techniques for boosting Facebook posts and increasing traffic to social media pages.
  3. Nusrat Khan:
    • Query: Sales strategy.
    • Discussion: Developing and implementing effective sales strategies to drive business growth.
  4. Farhana Munmun:
    • Query: General digital marketing strategies.
    • Discussion: Broad insights into digital marketing practices and tools.
  5. Hosne Ara Khan Ruma:
    • Query: Website design.
    • Discussion: Best practices for creating user-friendly and engaging websites that convert visitors into customers.
  6. Momtaz Begum:
    • Query: Digital marketing techniques.
    • Discussion: Strategies for leveraging digital marketing to enhance business performance.
  7. Saira:
    • Query: Digital marketing tools.
    • Discussion: Overview of essential digital marketing tools and their applications.
  8. Santonu Nokrek:
    • Query: Marketplace sustainability strategy.
    • Discussion: Sustainable practices for maintaining and growing an online marketplace.
  9. Shara Binte Hamid:
    • Query: Facebook page boosting issues.
    • Discussion: Solutions for optimizing Facebook ads and improving engagement rates.
  10. Sharlina Alam:
    • Query: Digital marketing strategies.
    • Discussion: Tailored advice on enhancing digital marketing efforts.
  11. Rubina:
    • Query: BSTI-related issues.
    • Discussion: Addressing specific regulatory concerns impacting digital marketing.
  12. Papia Sultana Poly:
    • Query: Digital marketing strategies.
    • Discussion: Personalized guidance on improving digital marketing tactics.
  13. Papia Sultan:
    • Query: Effective use of digital marketing tools.
    • Discussion: Practical advice on selecting and using digital marketing tools efficiently.
  14. Dilruba Husna:
    • Query: Facebook page boosting issues.
    • Discussion: Insights into improving Facebook ad performance.
  15. Tania Shopno:
    • Query: Digital marketing optimization.
    • Discussion: Techniques for optimizing digital marketing strategies for better results.
  16. Jinia Afrin:
    • Query: Website design and digital marketing.
    • Discussion: Creating a cohesive digital presence through effective website design and marketing strategies.
  17. Waresa Khanam:
    • Query: Digital marketing strategies.
    • Discussion: Comprehensive advice on leveraging digital marketing for business growth.

Participant Feedback: Participants expressed their appreciation for the comprehensive and practical advice provided by Mr. Moshiur Rahman and Mr. Shah Poran. They valued the opportunity to engage directly with experienced digital marketing specialists and receive tailored guidance on their unique business challenges. The session was highly productive, offering practical solutions and empowering women entrepreneurs with the knowledge to navigate digital marketing complexities effectively.

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center continues to empower women by providing essential resources and insights through such interactive sessions. The center remains committed to supporting the growth and success of women-led SMEs by providing tailored support and expert guidance.