Successful Online Q&A Session on Customer Support & Communication

Date: May 28, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM, Dhaka

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center, a key initiative under the We-Fi project of the World Bank, successfully hosted an enlightening online Q&A session on Customer Support & Communication on May 28, 2024. The session, led by Abdur Rahman Shawon, Founder and CEO of Pendulum Motion, provided invaluable insights and strategies aimed at enhancing the customer service practices of women entrepreneurs.

Abdur Rahman Shawon, Founder & CEO, Pendulum Motion

The discussion began with Abdur Rahman Shawon sharing his journey of establishing a customer service business. He emphasized the critical importance of understanding what “customer” and “service” truly mean. Shawon prompted participants to reflect on their interpretations, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of effective customer service strategies.

Key discussion points included:

  1. Customer Service Strategy: Shawon explained that a robust customer service strategy is essential for any business aiming for long-term success. He discussed the importance of having clear protocols and procedures in place to handle customer interactions efficiently.
  2. Customer Behavior: Understanding customer behavior is crucial for providing tailored support. Shawon highlighted techniques to read and respond to customer needs, emphasizing empathy and active listening.
  3. Necessity of Loyal Customers: Shawon underscored the value of loyal customers, explaining how they can become brand advocates. He shared strategies to cultivate loyalty through consistent, high-quality service and personalized engagement.
  4. Turning Negative Experiences into Positive Ones: Shawon provided actionable steps to transform a negative customer experience into a positive one. He stressed the importance of quick resolution and genuine apologies, which can often turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one.
  5. The Principle that “Customer is Always Right”: Shawon elaborated on this principle, explaining that while it may not always be literally true, treating customers with utmost respect and consideration can significantly enhance their experience.
  6. Adding Extra Value: Shawon discussed ways to add extra value to the customer experience, such as through personalized follow-ups, exclusive offers, and thoughtful gestures that exceed expectations.

The session was highly interactive, with several women entrepreneurs actively participating and sharing their experiences.

Shimul Mojlish (Rupban):
Business: Hand Painting & Rickshaw Painting
Issue: Providing extra gifts to customers to add value.
Discussion Points: Shawon advised that gifts are not always valuable. He emphasized the importance of understanding the customer’s mind and providing what they truly value, rather than generic gifts.

Hasna Jahan Rini (Agro Product):
Business: Desi Masala
Discussion Points: Rini shared her approach to customer engagement and the strategic use of gifts based on purchase history. Shawon commended her personalized approach and suggested refining it based on customer feedback.

Issue: Feeling shy to repeatedly reach out to customers for advertising products.
Discussion Points: Shawon addressed her concerns, highlighting that overcoming hesitation is crucial. He suggested appointing a representative if she feels uncomfortable, ensuring that customer engagement remains consistent.

Sathi Parvin (Shopno Ghuri Lifestyle):
Business: Bedsheets
Discussion Points: Parvin shared her success in using Facebook business groups for customer support. Shawon encouraged her to continue leveraging social media and to keep learning and adapting her strategies.

Shawon also shared insights from his experiences in the Western business world, where employees handling customers often sign documents committing to the principle that “Customer is always right.” He explained that this mindset fosters a culture of respect and attentiveness towards customers, which is crucial for business success.

During the session, Shawon highlighted a few effective stress management strategies, such as maintaining a daily schedule with planning apps or calendars, which can significantly reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and improve overall well-being.

The session concluded with an engaging Q&A where Shawon addressed various issues affecting women entrepreneurs, providing tailored advice and actionable strategies. This session highlighted the critical role of effective customer support and communication in building a successful business.

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center remains committed to empowering women entrepreneurs through such valuable learning opportunities, fostering a supportive community for their growth and success.