The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center, a key initiative under the We-Fi project of the World Bank and organized by BreakBite in collaboration with North South University, successfully conducted its third workshop focused on Business Presentation and Pitch Deck on March 6, 2024. The workshop, led by Mr. Samuel Mursalin, faculty member from the Management Department at North South University and Coordinator of NSU Startups Next, provided invaluable insights into crafting effective pitch decks tailored to different audiences.

The workshop aimed to equip women entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to create compelling pitch decks that effectively communicate their business ideas and strategies to potential investors, partners, and stakeholders. Mr. Mursalin emphasized the importance of storytelling, market analysis, and business model considerations in creating a successful pitch deck.

Key Highlights of the Workshop:

1. Crafting an Effective Pitch Deck: Mr. Mursalin began by discussing the key components of an effective pitch deck. He highlighted the importance of having a clear and concise structure, with each slide serving a specific purpose. The recommended number of slides and their content were discussed in detail, with practical examples provided to illustrate best practices.

2. Storytelling Content: The workshop delved into the art of storytelling, which is essential for engaging the audience and making the pitch memorable. Mr. Mursalin explained how to craft a compelling narrative that includes:

  • An engaging introduction
  • Team building strength
  • The unique solution provided by the business
  • Product demand and market analysis
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Business model considerations

3. Practical Examples: Participants were shown practical examples of successful pitch decks to help them understand the structure and content better. Mr. Mursalin provided detailed explanations on each example, highlighting what made them effective and how the attendees could apply similar techniques to their own presentations.

4. Q&A Session: The workshop included a long, interactive Q&A session where participants had the opportunity to ask specific questions about their pitch decks. Topics covered included how to answer investors’ questions, the right gesture, posture, and attitude required during the pitch, and strategies for making a strong impression. This session allowed for personalized guidance and helped address the unique concerns of each entrepreneur.

The workshop saw active participation from the attendees, who appreciated the practical advice and personalized feedback provided by Mr. Mursalin. The insights gained from this session are expected to significantly enhance the participants’ ability to create effective pitch decks, ultimately aiding in securing investment and advancing their business ventures.

Participant Feedback: The participants expressed their gratitude for the comprehensive and insightful workshop. They highlighted the value of learning from an experienced professional and the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting that the skills and knowledge gained would be instrumental in their entrepreneurial journeys.

The Women Entrepreneurs Business Support Center continues to empower women by offering valuable resources and insights through such interactive workshops. The center remains committed to supporting the growth and success of women-led SMEs by providing tailored support and expert guidance.